Roskill Kids

Roskill Kids exists to invite children to step into the biblical story, and to help them live it out. Each week we come together to discover what this means and what it looks like during the Sunday service. Our desire is to provide the means for all children to participate in a way that is meaningful to them, so we have a program that includes a variety of aspects including; sung worship, teaching, space for conversation and questions, and lots of crafts and activities.

We also want to be able to engage with each child in a way that they can understand, and receive. Because of this we have three different spaces on a Sunday depending on the age of your child.


Children aged 0-2 meet in the Creche, located in the church seminar room, just under the Main Auditorium.


Children aged 3-5 meet in the Sparks Room located in the kindergarten behind the church.


Children aged 6-11 meet in the EXPLOSION Room, which is also located below the Main Auditorium, in the Church Lounge.

Because we see children as important members of the church family we like to have them present during worship. Their program begins about 20 minutes into the service when they will be released to their programs (kids ministry leaders will be available to lead them to their programs).

Parents are more than welcome to pop in and see what's going on.